Board and Staff

Board and Staff

The Ancient Echoes Interpretive Centre is a collaborative project between the R.M. of Mountain View who owns the facility, the board made up of R.M. designates and elected members and a number of hard working volunteers, who oversee, maintain, and protect the land, sacred sites, and buildings. In addition, we have one staff person, Brittany Gilchrist, our Executive Director, who is responsible for our programming and office management.

Board Members:

Rachel Deobald -- R.M. Administrator
Bob Klassen -- R.M. Appointee
David Neufeld -- Elected Member
David Saville -- Chairperson
Bruno Heinrichs -- R.M. Appointee
Graeme Revering -- Elected Member
Jodie Mirosovsky -- Elected Member


Karla Wilson
Ali Harris
Lynn Hollick

Ancient Echoes would like to thank the following families for allowing us access to their lands so that we can ensure the preservation of sacred and paleontological sites and educate our guests for years to come:

Jeff Wiens and Leanne Hynd -- Land Owners

Melanie and Ian Burns -- Land Owners